LDC and AOSIS Chairs speak out on IPCC report
In conversation with Mokoena France, LDC Group

The Adaptation Co-Coordinator of the Least Developed Countries Group speaks with CASA about climate finance.

Interview: Ineza Grace of Loss and Damage Youth Coalition
Interview: Ineza Grace of Loss and Damage Youth Coalition

Ms Ineza Grace explains why young people from around the world want to see Loss and Damage Finance on the agenda for COP27 in Egypt this November.

In conversation with Angelique Pouponneau, AOSIS
In conversation with Angelique Pouponneau, AOSIS

The Policy Advisor for the Alliance of Small Island States evaluates negotiations on climate finance and adaptation at the Bonn Climate Change Conference 2022.

In conversation with Ambassador Felson, Belize

Ambassador Janine Felson, Advisor to the Alliance of Small Island States, describes what climate ambition is needed this critical year for action.

Adapting to climate change in the Caribbean: Expert viewpoint

IPCC author Dr Donovan Campbell describes how island states are innovating to adapt and become more resilient, and why finance plays a role in this.

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The Climate Ambition Support Alliance seeks to strengthen the capacity and support the engagement of climate-vulnerable countries in international climate negotiations.

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Resources for climate negotiators

Curated by a team of climate policy experts, we present a set of open access resources and tools to equip climate negotiators for navigating the UNFCCC process.

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New to UNFCCC?

If you are new to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) then these key documents are a great place to start exploring what you need to know.

Understanding the Paris Agreement

The Pocket Guide to the Paris Agreement provides negotiators with an overview of the 2015 Paris Agreement. This Guide is meant as an essential companion for government and non-government participants in the Paris Agreement negotiations.

The ‘rulebook’ for implementing the Paris Agreement (Katowice Climate Package)

This paper presents the most important decisions made in the Paris Rulebook, particularly on the elements of the implementation guidelines and the political compromises between states on them.

How much climate finance is in the pipeline

Climate Funds Update is an independent website that provides information and data on the growing number of multilateral climate finance initiatives designed to help climate-vulnerable countries address the challenges of climate change.

What the UNFCCC says about adaptation

Many of the concepts and metrics around adaptation in the UNFCCC lack clear definition. This guide provides a brief history of the global community’s response to adaptation under the UNFCCC since 1992.

Women’s leadership in the UNFCCC

The Pocket Guide to Gender Equality provides negotiators with a brief history of the climate negotiations on gender, a ready reference of the key decisions that have already been adopted, and a brief analysis of the outstanding issues from a climate-vulnerable country perspective.

Becoming a UNFCCC delegate

This toolkit is intended to help new delegates, in particular from the Least Developed Countries, navigate the UNFCCC negotiations. It focuses on the process rather than the content of negotiations, and offers some practical tips for getting through the days (and nights).


The CASA programme offers a variety of support to climate-vulnerable country negotiators. Examples include introductory training to the UNFCCC, pro bono legal advice, more advanced negotiator training and training on NDC enhancement.

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