The CASA programme offers a variety of training for negotiators from climate-vulnerable countries. Our training includes presentations on technical issues, exercises to cement and apply understanding, peer-to-peer exchange to share best practices and solutions, mock negotiations, e-learning, case clinics, and role plays to consider different perspectives.

Our training materials and topics are tailored for each workshop, depending on the negotiators’ needs. We consult closely with recipient countries and negotiating groups on the structure of our training to ensure that it addresses the specific needs of the participants. Read about our first CASA workshop.


Our advanced negotiator training is aimed at equipping negotiators with the fundamental skills they need to operate effectively at the COP negotiations. The initial focus of the course is on negotiating strategies and aligning these with participants’ aims in their negotiations. The course covers how to build effective coalitions both within and across negotiating groups and how to understand the underlying interests of other negotiating parties to work towards win-win solutions. We provide key tools in building support for a desired outcome, including external engagement strategies for media and civil society. Our negotiator training also covers the practicalities of operating an effective negotiating team including team structure, governance and coordination. 

Our training on NDC enhancement considers strategies for enhancing ambition in updated and new Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and potential approaches for raising ambition. Our experts first provide participants with an overview of the Paris Agreement, NDCs and the NDC enhancement process. We then take negotiators through the suite of options for enhancing NDCs and show how different options might play out in international discussions on ambition. The final sessions cover key steps in developing a work plan for NDC enhancement such as: who needs to do what, by when; and what internal resources or external support are needed?

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If you’d like to find out more, please contact Zanga Sadiq at DAI.

In collaboration with UN Environment, CASA partner Legal Response International (LRI) provides legal assistance to climate-vulnerable countries in reviewing and developing climate or other legislation for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and nationally determined contributions.

LRI provides legal assistance free of charge through a network of pro bono experts from law firms, barrister chambers and universities. Individuals who represent a country’s government, parliament or judiciary can register on the Climate Legislation Advice Portal to submit a question to a legal advisor and receive advice.