CASA at COP28: Strengthening capacity for fair and inclusive negotiations

The Climate Ambition Support Alliance, better known as CASA is an important support mechanism for many climate vulnerable country parties that are adopting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Through its range of technical partners, CASA supports climate vulnerable countries to access and influence the negotiations. It also provides direct support to several negotiation groups, such as the Association of Small Island States (AOSIS), Least Developed Countries (LDC) and the High Ambition Coalition (HAC).

The programme’s key areas of focus include locally led adaptation, climate finance, loss and damage, transparency & reporting, and support to negotiators from low-and middle-income countries.  CASA’s focus is to increase the capacity and capability of climate vulnerable country and negotiation groups to engage in and influence international climate change negotiations and processes. Together with our delivery partners, CASA provides capacity strengthening support in several ways:

  • On-demand and in-person strategic advice and technical support, supporting bilateral meetings, drafting talking points and overseeing supported negotiators during COP28.
  • Delivering training workshops to provide direct support to delegates to strengthen negotiation skills.
  • Pre-COP training for negotiators, nominated by their countries, to discuss outcomes, exchange views and participate in mock negotiations.
  • Production and dissemination of knowledge products and resources such as briefings, case studies, presentations, to support negotiators and help them better prepare for engagement in climate negotiations during COP28 and beyond.
  • In-person strategic advice and technical support which includes preparing presentations, talking points, providing internal background briefs on different issues.

CASA technical partners provide an extensive range of technical and strategic support to the various negotiation groups that the programme supports. This includes support across priority thematic areas such as the Global Stocktake, Mitigation, the Global Goal on Adaptation, Loss and Damage, Climate Finance, and Gender and Social Inclusion. CASA partners also develop and disseminate targeted and relevant knowledge products and resources to support negotiation groups in preparing and delivering briefings on the main issues to be discussed at COP28. As COP28 gets underway later this week, CASA partners will both lead and present at several events both in-person and online.

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