Now on mobile app: Guide to the Paris Agreement

The updated 2020 edition of the Guide to the Paris Agreement by Oxford Climate Policy and ecbi has now been made into a mobile phone app!

The app aims to make it easier for negotiators and other climate policy-makers to access and understand the content of the Paris Agreement in these virtual times.  

The ‘ Guide to the Paris Agreement’ and its content on the mobile app include the implementation guidelines adopted by the Parties to the Paris Agreement in 2018, as well as the implications for domestic law and policy in developing countries. 

“Developing an app was uncharted territory for us and please forgive any shortcomings and glitches this new tool may still have,” said Christoph Schwarte, a co-author and the Director of the Legal Response Initiative. “We very much appreciate any feedback you may have.”  

Get the mobile app

You can download the App for Android phones from Google Play and for Apple phones from the App Store. It can only be installed on phones and tablets – not computers.

Meanwhile, as you know, more information on the organisation and timing of the meeting of subsidiary bodies is available from the UNFCCC website here.

Reminder: negotiators can access free legal advice

Funded in part by the CASA programme, Christoph and colleagues at the Legal Response Initiative provide legal advice and support to delegates from poor and particularly vulnerable developing countries as well as civil society observer organisations.

LRI works through a global network of lawyers from law firms, barrister chambers and universities who provide hands-on assistance during meetings, publish briefing papers and build the capacity of lawyers and negotiators from developing countries.

“During the virtual session of the UNFCCC subsidiary bodies from 31 May to 17 June 2021 we will be following the discussions and look forward to seeing many of you on our computer screens,” said Christoph. “To the extent possible, we will offer our usual service and be available to provide legal advice and/or undertake additional research. We are grateful to the many lawyers, trainees and students all over the world who support LRI!”

Individuals who represent a country’s government, parliament or judiciary can register on the Climate Legislation Advice Portal to submit a question to a legal advisor and receive advice.

PS, Did you know, the Guide to the Paris Agreement is now also available in French!

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