In conversation with Mokoena France, LDC Group, on climate finance

Mokoena France, Co-cordinator for adaptation at the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group, talked to CASA this month about the climate crisis.

In his recent conversation with the Climate Ambition Support Alliance he outlined the LDC Group’s response to the latest Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB56), exploring where progress was made and, more importantly, where more work needs to be done. We discussed why loss and damage deserved more attention at the conference.
Mr France then looked to the future and the COP27 talks at Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2022, detailing what the LDC Group was calling for at COP27 and what it would want to see from the G20 leaders at their meeting in November. He discussed the barriers to ensuring the necessary financial contributions are made by G7 countries to tackle loss and damage. 

Interview by CASA’s Mairi Dupar and Pat Hinton, video editing and production by Pat Hinton. Image (top), Lesotho, credit Tatenda Mapigoti.

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