Putting the law at the heart of the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement to combat climate change was adopted on 12 December 2015. To mark its fifth anniversary, the Legal Response Initiative convened an event for legal experts to highlight priority issues that need to be addressed during COP26 in the UK in 2021, in order for the Paris Agreement to succeed.

The event took place on Thursday 10 December 2020. Watch the recording of the event in full, below.

Climate lawyers from around the globe each had 3 minutes to raise one issue that they consider a priority in the further implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The event was chaired by the former UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Carnwath.


Augustine Njamnshi, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance
Dennis van Berkel, Urgenda Foundation
Farhana Yamin, Track 0
Hitomi Kimura, Otsuma Women’s University
Megan Bowman, King’s College London
Michael Burger, Sabin Centre for Climate Change Law
Rueanna Haynes, Climate Analytics
Stephen Leonard, Climate Justice Programme

…and more.

Image: Credit John Englart

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