Bubu Pateh Jallow: Least Developed Countries need support to implement National Adaptation Plans

Bubu Pateh Jallow of The Gambia, a negotiator in the Least Developed Countries Group in the UNFCCC, here shares his concerns about COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Speaking at the midway point of the talks in November 2022, Mr Jallow says that areas of adaptation-related negotiations are moving ahead in COP27 but two specific questions require urgent attention:

  • how will Least Developed Countries implement their National Adaptation Plans?
  • how will they get greater access to the Green Climate Fund?

Meanwhile, when it comes to the matter of ‘transparency’ in the UNFCCC, which refers to countries’ reporting to the other Parties and Observers, Mr Jallow reports progress at COP27 (see below). However, he says that Least Developed Countries need training and other forms of support, to be able to report fully on climate progress and gaps.

Bubu Jallow, The Gambia, for the Least Developed Country Group of negotiators, UNFCCC

Image (top): courtesy Edmond Totin (Mali)

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